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My name is Catherine and I am a product design leader focused on  building and supporting Central Privacy focused, consumer facing, design teams for Meta.

I've spent my career crafting human centered experiences that
foster understanding. My teams and I architect and create the kinds of delightful moments that we all enjoy when we are able to move effortlessly through an experience that feels intuitive, enriching, and empowering.

Designing quality driven product design practice and process has led me to work with and for companies that prioritize creating delightful user experiences. I have led  teams for consumer facing companies like Coursera and now Meta. And, I've also built and led durable design practices for business facing companies like Looker and Apigee, both of which were acquired by Google.

Working on solving some of the world's most difficult and timely design problems in service of helping people better understand and shape their product experiences is what I enjoy most about my career.

Let's connect and make our online world better together.

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